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Lazyman Hooks is the preferred and recommended hook of SHU SHU Lures. With the twist-lock, weedless, weighted hook along with a spinner blade, this hook takes your swimbait and fishing game to the next level.

Price shown is per hook. Minimum order quantity is two.


This hook is truly one of a kind. There are few like it but none can match the Lazyman Hook. The only other similar hook in production at this time is weighted in the front of the hook causing the bait to nose dive when you pause or stop your retrieve. Clearly not most natural presentation. Also, the spinner blade trails the bait causing short strikes when the fish goes for the flash instead of the bait. However, the Lazyman Hook has a spinner blade located directly under the hook for extra fish attraction. If the fish goes for the flash instead of your bait, it must eat the hook.

When used with a SHU SHU Lure, the Lazyman Hook will track through the water perfectly straight with a slight wobble from the blade. When stopped, the bait stays horizontal while falling which makes for a more natural presentation to the fish. No more unnatural nose-diving that happens with most weighted swimbait hooks. With a pop-jerk or a twitch, you can make the bait come alive and act very erratic triggering fish that would otherwise ignore the traditionally rigged swimbait. Some call the hook their ‘fish finder’ since covering water isn’t an issue. Your swimbait is now a spinnerbait.

Additional information

Dimensions 6 × 1.5 × 4 in
Hook Size

4/0, 5/0

Blade Color

Brass, Nickel




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